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  • Thursday, February 09, 2017 12:13 PM | Deleted user
    The Greater New York Dietetic Association (GNYDA) is the leading group of food and nutrition experts in the New York City area. It is time to fill our leadership ballot for 2017-18! 
    Have you thought about becoming more involved in your local dietetic association? Do you know of an emerging leader who impresses and inspires you? 

    Nominate yourself or a colleague! All nominees must be current members of GNYDA. If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else please contact Joanna Li, Nominating Committee Chair.

    The following leadership positions are open for the 2017-2018 membership year:

    PRESIDENT-ELECT. Shall serve for one year and at the end of this term, shall automatically become President.

    FUNCTIONS. The President-elect shall:

    • Perform the functions of the Office of President in the absence of the President.
    • Appoint the Chairs and/or members of all standing and special committees, as required, to serve during the President-elect's term as President with approval of the Board of Directors.
    • Plan and implement the Annual Membership Meeting and Mary Swartz Rose Memorial Lecture.
    • Serve as the Chair for the Program Planning Committee, which consists of all Special Interest Group and Standing Committee Chairs.
    • Compile and distribute an annual calendar of Continuing Professional Education events to the membership.
    • Serve as a member of the Bylaws/Handbook Committee.
    • Serve as a member of the Finance Committee.
    • Chair the Strategic Planning Committee and develop annual Strategic Plan for approval of the Board.
    • Perform such other duties as may be designated by the Board.
    SECRETARY. Shall serve for two years and be elected biennially in alternate years of election from the Treasurer.
    FUNCTIONS. The Secretary will:
    • Be responsible for the minutes of the Annual Business Meeting and all the Board and Cabinet meetings including the recording, distribution, and filing in accordance with the Association's policy.
    • Shall obtain all Special Interest Group and Standing Committee reports prior to meetings and distribute a summary to all Board and Cabinet members. 
    • Shall receive from the Tellers Committee the report of duly elected officers and the numerical results of election and send a copy of ballot results to the Nominating Committee Chair, filing the numerical count for reference in the event of a vacancy in an office.
    • Function as the Historian as outlined in the Handbook of the Association.
    • Shall notify promptly, by telephone and in writing, each candidate for office of the election results. 
    • Shall have any and all other powers and functions usually vested in the Office of Secretary.
    NOMINATING COMMITTEE. Each member shall serve for one (1) year.

    COMPOSITION. This committee shall consist of:

    • One (1) Chair, decided by the highest number of member votes
    • Four (4) Active Committee members 
    • Immediate Past-President as a consulting member without vote

    FUNCTIONS. The Nominating Committee Chair shall:

    • Conduct meetings of the Committee to prepare the election ballot. 
    • Present the ballot to the Board and Cabinet prior to the scheduled mailing of the ballot.
    • Shall notify the election results to the membership via the newsletter or website.
    FUNCTIONS. The Nominating Committee shall:
    • Present at least one (1) candidate for the office President-elect.
    • Present two (2) candidates, in alternate years, for the Office of Secretary and Office of Treasurer for each expiring term.
    • Present at least nine (9) candidates for the Nominating Committee