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Membership Benefits

The Greater New York Dietetic Association (GNYDA) offers the following valuable benefits to dietetic professionals:

  • The "Greater New Yorker" newsletter.
  • Free annual listing in GNYDA's online directory
  • Many continuing education opportunities for free or at discounted rates.
  • Networking opportunities with influential and pro-active nutrition professionals and students.
  • Information about public policy and reimbursement issues affecting the profession.
  • Opportunities to improve your professional skills by participating in GNYDA special interest groups.
  • Establishment, with support from the GNYDA Board of Directors, of a new special interest group that targets your professional interests.
  • Opportunities to develop your leadership skills by participating in the GNYDA board of directors, coordinating cabinet, committees, and special interest groups.

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Membership Dues

To become a GNYDA member:

Membership Category

Active Membership
Active status in AND required.


Associate Membership
Associate status in AND required.


Student Membership
Student status in AND required.
A copy of your student ID card must be included with your dues.


Retired Membership
Retired status in AND required.

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Membership Application

To apply for membership, please provide your AND registration number and press START.

AND Registration Number


Your AND registration number is used for internal identification purposes only and is not displayed anywhere on the website or disclosed to third parties.

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